Rosenthal Neighbourhood (Earthworks)

Aug 10, 2018

CLIENT: Melcore Developments
LOCATION: Northwest Edmonton
VALUE: $2.25 Million in 2018
OVERVIEW: Earthworks/ Site Grading

M.A.P.’s business relationship with Melcor has been ongoing for decades. During this time we have completed site grading on their lands in the west end of Edmonton, including Lewis Estates and Rosenthal. We have also graded sites in Spruce Grove such as Stoneshire, Copperhaven, Tonewood, Nait Industrial, East Campsite, Jesperdale, McLaughlin, and the Heatherglens.

Our 2018 program with Melcor has included digging ponds in Copperhaven and Tonewood and grading school sites in Rosenthal and Copperhaven. We have started the reclamation of an old contaminated well site in Rosenthal as well as grading over the Kinder Morgan pipeline. Although this work has been challenging and with many parties involved, we have had a tremendous amount of success in completing these tasks.